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Here is a selection of the best items to appear in the original Random Access Humor issues between September 1992 and February 1995. Many items have been edited slightly to correct mistakes that were missed the first time around.

The Commentaries
The Dialogues
The Parodies
RAH Humor Reviews
The Compleat RAH

The Commentaries

Lord of the Pies
Dave explores the near-mystical relationship between pizza and programmers. (1993)

The Szechuan Taxi
Dave discusses the problems of getting food delivered to your home. (1994)

Attack of the X Demographic
Dave rants about the demographic decline of the Baby Boomers. (1995)

Brighton Bealer Memoirs
Dave confesses his near miss with a pukey name. (1995)

Take Us To the Promised LAN
Dave dipenses the straight dope on Local Area Networks. (1993)

The Truth Behind Protocol Negotiation
Dave reveals how those nasty high speed modems really make their connections (and why it takes so bloody long). (1993)

Oasis of Greed
Dave and Greg go to Las Vegas. (1994)

The Virtual Word
Dave's commentary on the decline of reading skills in modern society. (1994)

The Dialogues

The "Give Me A Rock" Problem
Greg's first dialogue, a good indicator of the hilarity to follow. (1993)

A Skein Is Only 360 Feet
One of Greg's best, demonstrating how things get lost in translation. (1995)

Breaking Divine Wind
Greg's look at one night on a tech support hotline. (1993)

The Parodies

Online Songbook: The Twisted Pairs
Dave's very first song parodies. Three of Paul Simon's songs are the special guest victims. (1992)

Ten Very Forward
An ST:TNG parody which reveals the results of Starfleet downsizing in the face of a new galactic order. Features the attempts of a certain young acting ensign to get laid. (PG-13) (1994) (Very long: 7000+ words)

A Matter of Life (and Death) Support...
Greg's Star Trek parody. And you thought getting a tow from AAA was a hassle! (1994)

The Dynamically Translated Address
Dave's translation of one of the most famous speeches in history. This one is for all the IBM mainframe geeks out there, and you know who you are! (1994)

Welcome To The FidoNet Olympics
Dave's parody of both FidoNet and the Olympic games. (1992)

RAH Humor Reviews

Last Action Hero
A review of the "kinder, gentler" 1993 Schwarzenegger feature. (1994)

More Python Alumni Tapes
Dave reviews two videos featuring John Cleese and the gang. (1994)

Robin Hood: Men In Tights
Dave's review of the Mel Brooks feature film. (1993)

The M*A*S*H Novels
Dave explores a little known set of novels related (sort of) to the famous movie/television show. (1994)

The Liar
Dave reviews a novel by well known British comic actor Steven Fry. (1994)


Dave's Favorite RAH Taglines
Most of them have been used by Dave at one time or another. (1992-95)

The Compleat RAH

The Compleat RAH, Volume 1
The first 16 issues of RAH in ASCII text format. (PKZIP Archive) (9/1992-12/1993)

The Compleat RAH, Volume 2
The final 12 issues of RAH in ASCII text format. (PKZIP Archive) (1/1994-2/1995)


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There's one in every crowd and they always find me.

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